Sustainability Eltham Primary School is proud to engage in quality conversations, and practical solutions, regarding sustainability. Sustainable concepts are incorporated within our curriculum, especially within our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. The importance of sustainability to the EPS culture is reflected in the Student Sustainability Team who drive many of our initiatives. Eltham Primary School […]

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Inquiry Eltham Primary School employs a genuine Inquiry-based Learning program that places the student at the centre of an active process of Inquiry. Within the parameters of the curriculum, students are encouraged to explore STEM topics, using technology to produce designed solutions. Students also explore Civics and Citizenship, History, and Geography, with these topics further […]

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Numeracy At Eltham Primary we believe that problem-solving and flexible mathematical thinking are essential to all mathematics. Our approach requires our students to learn through inquiry, providing problem-based tasks that allow our learners to apply the skills they are developing to real-life situations where they explore real contexts and problems. Number fluency is developed by […]

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Music Our music program is focused on students developing an aesthetic appreciation and enjoyment of music. Foundation to Grade 2 students play with rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture as they listen to and make music. In Grades 3 and 4 our students have the option of joining our school […]

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Physical Education

Physical Education The focus of our Physical Education (PE) program is on students developing skills that give them the opportunity to participate in, and enjoy, structured or unstructured activities and games. Our PE teacher leads lessons which focus on the sequential development of fundamental motor and locomotion skills as well as skills relating to sports […]

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Indonesian Our Indonesian program gives all students the opportunity to develop their language skills and knowledge, and build their inter-cultural capability. Indonesian is run by a Specialist Indonesian teacher and students learn through a wide range of activities such as singing, role-plays, online activities and language games. Some of the highlights of our program include […]

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Visual Arts

Visual Arts In Art, all students explore, experiment and learn to use a wide range of media, materials and equipment. Under the guidance of a Specialist Art teacher, they undertake drawing, painting, construction, collage, printing, modelling and textile activities at all levels. Within these areas, students build their knowledge of skills, techniques and processes as […]

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