Our Approach to Learning

At Eltham Primary School we practice a social-constructivist approach to learning, where students collaboratively co-construct new knowledge and skills. We believe and practice a growth mindset for all in our school, where development rather than achievement is the focus. Learning should always be a challenge, with success both hard earned and celebrated.

Ongoing assessment through conferring and small group instruction complements reliable and valid standardised assessments. Teachers work in teams to collaboratively analyse student learning data, identifying individual learning goals for each student. Our teaching teams then collaboratively plan targeted lessons, ensuring collective ownership of all student learning. At the completion of learning units, teachers analyse data to determine the impact of their teaching in a constant cycle of evaluating their practice.

Digital technologies, metacognitive thinking routines and specific feedback are tools students use to unlock new knowledge and skills. Learning intentions and success criteria enable students to lead their own learning. For example, a problem solving approach to mathematics, utilising student invented strategies and concrete materials to move from concrete to abstract thought processes.

Students are encouraged to make independent choices about their learning, from choosing their focus of inquiry to whether digital technologies will enhance their experience of a particular learning task.

Student Leaders

Students at Eltham Primary School are supported to lead their learning at all times, in the classroom, playground and during extra-curricular activities.  We have formalised leadership roles from Foundation to Grade 6, offering a variety of leadership experiences for our students.

School Captains

Our School Captains and Vice Captains represent the students at significant school events, lead the Junior School Council and meet regularly with the School Leadership Team to influence and inform school based decisions.

House Captains

The responsibilities of our House Captains and Vice Captains include leading their House during school events such as sports carnivals and cultural days.They are also responsible for organising and running school assemblies every Monday.

Junior School Council

Two students are elected each year to represent their year level on our Junior School Council.  The Junior School Council organise fundraising events, determine which charities EPS supports and, most importantly, are a voice for students in their year level – responding to their peers suggestions and concerns.

Student Networks

At Eltham Primary School our students build connections to each other and their community through structured events and programs.

Our Kinder to Foundation transition program involves multiple on-site transition sessions, a Grade 6 buddy program which involves our Grade 5 students visiting local kindergartens, and personalised support for students with individual needs.

Our Grade 6 students regularly visit local high schools in preparation for the transition to secondary school. During Indonesian classes, students regularly collaborate with Eltham High School Indonesian students, both at our school and at Eltham High.

A feature of our school is the ‘Pop-up’ program, where Foundation – Grade 6 students run ‘pop-up’ activities on a five week cycle every recess and lunchtime. These Pop-ups are a chance for students to celebrate and share a skill or interest, and for others to access new and engaging activities. Past Pop-ups have included coding, dancing, debating, origami, meditation, soccer and even Pokemon (gotta catch ‘em all).