Eltham Primary School

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School Council

School Council is responsible, within the framework of overall state policy guidelines, for the school charter, and the school’s educational goals, priorities and plans. It is also responsible for the planning, maintenance and upgrading of the buildings and grounds, budget approval and the accounting of all school raised monies, employment of the Principal, community participation in the school, the use of school buildings by outside bodies and operation of the Canteen and Uniform shop.

Whilst overall policy is determined by School Council, the day to day programs and operation of the school are the responsibility of the Principal and staff. The operation of School Council is assisted by a set of principles and procedures, called Standing Orders and Role Statements.


Determining the educational policy, goals and priorities of the school within the framework of the school charter and statewide guidelines
Approving and monitoring the school budget, consistent with the school’s charter
Ensuring that all moneys coming into the hands of the council are expended for proper purposes
Making recommendations to the Assistant Secretary (Schools) on the appointment of the school’s Principal
Entering into contracts for purposes consistent with the school charter
Developing the school’s student dress code and the student code of conduct
Reporting annually to the school community and to the Department of Education & Training
Employing non-teaching staff and any casual relief teachers
Exercising a general overview of the buildings and grounds and ensuring that they are kept in good order and condition.
Providing the necessary cleaning and sanitation services
Generally stimulating interest in the school

COMPOSITION OF COUNCIL School Council is structured to represent the joint interests and responsibilities of teachers and parents for the education of children. Each school council decides on its composition and the numbers of representatives in each category.  Our council consists of 12 members in total :

7 parent members (Six of which must be non Department of Education and Early Childhood Develepment (DEECD) employees)
4 DEECD members including the Principal
1 co-opted member who is not a Teacher

COMMITTEES AND SUB COMMITTEES The following committees and sub committees have been established to assist in the operation of School Council.

Education & Policy Review
Facilities & Environment
Out of School Hours Care
Parents Club

Membership of these committees and sub committees is open to parents and teachers with the exception of Finance. This is composed of the Treasurer, School Council President and 1 parent member of School Council  All other committees and sub committees include teachers and at least one School Council representative.

Whilst School Council has the ultimate decision making responsibility the committees and sub committees exist to sort out issues and make recommendations that are well thought out and constructive, and to maximise the efficiency of School Council.

INVOLVEMENT The School Council seeks to involve the whole school community and, where appropriate the wider community.  Important policy initiatives are moulded in the light of wide consultations with parents, staff and at times, students.

Our School Council invites all parents to participate in the work and activities of School Council.  The council meets at least twice per term, usually on the second Tuesday of the month.

School Council meetings are open for observers to attend, and the minutes of meetings are available from the office.  Parents are also kept informed through the School Newsletters following each meeting.

We invite all parents to consider involvement in this important governing body of our school.

Any enquiries with regard to School Council should be directed to the Principal.

The following people form the 2015 Eltham Primary School Council:

President - Lachlan MacBean
Vice President - Andrea Alexander
Minutes Secretary - Andrea  Lynch
Executive Officer - Lorraine Kennedy
Parent Members - Jessica Dalling, Sally McInnes, Simon Keane
DET Reps - Ashley Spagnol, James Paterson, Adam Dunemann