Eltham Primary School

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Kinder - Foundation (Prep) Transition

Our teachers and children look forward to meeting new members of the school family each year.

We commence our Transition Program by inviting our pre-schoolers to a Storytime session. 

During the sessions the children listen to stories read by our older children and staff and make something to take home.

During November, new foundation students are invited to our school to attend 4, 1 hour classes in the foundation rooms.

This is a wonderful experience at this stage of the year.

The idea behind the sessions is to introduce the children to the school before they start prep.

We all know that the more comfortable we feel with new people and new surroundings the more likely we are to be able to launch into any new venture with confidence.

The pre-schoolers are introduced to their Grade 6 ‘buddy’ for the following year during the final session.

Please check the calendar for the dates of these sessions and for information on school tours and open days.

We find that the children form strong associations that ensure the ‘new’ preps are supported by students as well as teachers in those first vital weeks of the school year.

Our older children show commitment and maturity in their roles. They all undergo training the previous year.  It is fabulous to see the joy that the children take in each other’s company.