Eltham Primary School

Respect, Excellence, Compassion & Lifelong Learning


It is easy to teach history at Eltham. Our children learn to see through the eyes of those who came before them; they can play beneath the leafy canopy of the 100 year old oak; they can whisper the names of those on the honour board; indeed the ideals of mateship good deeds and excellence in teaching and learning resonate through a century and a half.

The mellow sandstone building you see on our site was built in 1875. The design was described at the time as ‘an extendable structure’. Eltham Primary School was to serve 100 pupils.  Today our 380 children love to hear stories about the olden days. They love to talk about the way the school looked and to play the games the children played and to imagine the lives that were led in the little village of Eltham.

In 1921 a new wing was added to the school. The newspaper of the time –‘The Eltham and Whittlesea Shire Advertiser’ stated that a band of returned soldiers played for the appreciative crowd. When you walk through this room and gaze at its lofty ceiling you can almost hear those lively tunes. As adults reading between the lines of the newspaper report we can empathise with the spirit and energy of a generation determined to live life to the full after the horrors of the Great War.

In his speech to open the new room Mr Everard the MLA for the Eltham electorate, focussed on what schools should be all about. He concluded with the question:” Is it well with the child?”

At Eltham Primary in 2011 as we reflect on our past and make plans for the future we can give an answer to echo through this century past and say –“Yes all is well with the child”