Eltham Primary School

Respect, Excellence, Compassion & Lifelong Learning

Learning & Teaching

At Eltham Primary School, we believe that the educational focus needs to be on intellectual engagement and connectedness to the real world. We believe that children learn best when:

  • Individual differences and achievements are recognised, acknowledged and celebrated.
  • They experience a sense of belonging and significance.
  • Positive relationships are developed which are built on trust and mutual respect.
  • Learning is meaningful and connected to real life experiences of students.
  • Knowledge is integrated and connected across subject boundaries.
  • The curriculum is problem-based, allowing students to solve specific, realistic, practical or hypothetical problems.
  • They are challenged and motivated to manipulate information and ideas through the use of higher-order thinking.
  • The curriculum is learner-centered and the children are encouraged to be active, responsible, and independent.
  • They are encouraged to take risks in a climate of mutual respect and support.
  • Teachers convey high expectations for all students and are explicit in communicating these expectations.
  • A variety of teaching and learning strategies, styles and approaches are used.
  • They are provided with opportunities to support their children.
  • They are able to make use of new technologies to support and enhance their learning.