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Enrolment Information

Enrolments for 2016.

Eltham Primary School attracts a high number of requests for enrolments for Foundation (Prep) students.  Due to this high demand, the school has an official enrolment cap of 425 students.

If Eltham Primary School is your closest Primary School to your residential address, your enrolment is automatically accepted. We are accepting enrolments from the 17th May, 2015 until the 31st July, 2015.  After we have accepted the enrolments of the children for whom we are their closest school we will be offering the remaining places to families outside this area.  If you do not know if we are your closest school, please give Tami a call on 9439-9374 for assistance.

It is anticipated that you will receive a letter confirming your place at this school in early August, 2015.

Enrolment Form Information - Please read before completing:

This confidential enrolment form asks for personal information about your child as well as family members and others that provide care for your child. The main purpose for collecting this information is so that Eltham Primary School can register your child and allocate staff and resources to provide for their educational and support needs. All staff at Eltham Primary School and the Department of Education & Training are required by law to protect the information provided by this enrolment form.

Health information is asked for so that staff at Eltham Primary School can properly care for your child. This includes information about any medical condition or disability your child may have, medication your child may rely on while at school, any known allergies and contact details of your child’s doctor. Eltham Primary School depends on you to provide all relevant health information because withholding some health information may put your child’s health at risk.

Eltham Primary School requires information about all parents, guardians or carers so that we can take account of family arrangements. Family Court Orders setting out any access restrictions and parenting plans should be made available to Eltham Primary School.  Please tell us as soon as possible about any changes to these arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact the Acting Principal, Ms Lyn Truran, if you would like to discuss, in strict confidence, any matters relating to family arrangements.


These are people that Eltham Primary School may need to contact in an emergency. Please ensure that the people named are aware that they have been nominated as emergency contacts and agree to their details being provided to Eltham Primary School.