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Awards recently won by our Eltham Primary Students:  <Indonesian Awards>

Students at Eltham Primary School have the opportunity to learn Indonesian for one hour a week over four years (Years 3-6). Indonesian sessions are also offered for Prep, Grade 1 and 2 students at different times during each year.

Our Indonesian program focuses on developing language skills and building cultural awareness. Students are encouraged to be curious and have fun while they learn, to build their confidence and encourage engagement.

Students learn in a wide variety of ways including singing, role-plays, art, dance, writing, reading, creating films, watching video clips, using iPads and iPods and online learning. Language learning covers topics such as Greetings, Colours, Numbers, Pets, Family, School, the Body, Clothes and Shopping.  By learning Indonesian, students learn about, and value, different ways of life, traditions, geography, arts, flora and fauna. Students also learn more about themselves.

Indonesian is offered by a number of nearby secondary schools and we have close ties with the  Indonesian Department at Eltham High School. We arrange yearly visits by Eltham High students to Eltham Primary and we work together to manage transitions for our Year 6 students continuing Indonesian. 

Apart from being lots of fun, learning another language has many benefits!

For example:

  • Learning a language is great training for your brain
  • Language skills can open new doors for travel, work and understanding.
  • You can build connections with people from other countries
  • Language learning supports literacy
  • You can learn more about your own language and culture

There are also plenty of good reasons to study Indonesian:

  • Being ‘Indonesia-savvy’ can open doors to a wide range of employment opportunities
  • Indonesian is very accessible - it uses the same alphabet as English and there are no tones
  • Indonesian is a form of Malay so you can communicate with around 245 million people in Indonesia plus people in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Students' designs for T-Shirts and Masks <View>

If students have access to the internet at home, they might like to explore or revise their vocabulary at the Indonesian section of Languages Online at: http://www.education.vic.gov.au/languagesonline/indonesian/indonesian.htm