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Eltham Primary School Smart Phone App.

Installing your App :

Obtain the password from Reception or  from a member of staff.

On your Smart Phone go to your browser.
Enter the URL www.classapps.com.au

You will then get a login screen which will ask for your school name & password.

After this loads you will be given the option to add as an icon. Please do so. This will then put an icon of our school’s logo onto your phone. If using an android, you may be asked for other options.

Emergency Alert Notification:

Class Apps has the ability to communicate to you using “push” notifications in an emergency. This means we can send messages to your Apple or Android device and you will not have to be in the actual ClassApp to get the information. In order to receive the notifications you will need to install an additional App called "Roost." (Previously "Alert Rocket")

Go to the Alerts section on the EPS App on your phone and press the icon in the right hand corner. (Shaped like a paper plane). The App will then be downloaded to your phone. Your phone will give an audible alert should the school need to make urgent contact.

Features of the EPS App:

Contacts: You can access the EPS School Website via link.

Dates: These will usually be general upcoming dates.

Activities: Dates specific to an area, such as grade levels, will be displayed in “Activities” under their relevant headings.
eg. Level 1, Sport, Canteen. Groups will only be mentioned if there is an activity.

Alerts: You need to check this menu item to see if there have been cancellations or for urgent notifications.
Eg. Camp bus arrival time, early dismissal times, sport cancellations

News: You will find links to the Newsletter, Canteen Menu, Uniform Price List and general news or notices.