Eltham Primary School

Respect, Excellence, Compassion & Lifelong Learning

The School Day - Times

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Developing a routine for school days is really important as the children not only receive their full instruction time but disruption to the class is significantly reduced!

  8:50am - Students can take in bags, set up their books etc, then go back out to play.
  8:57am - Music
  9:00am - Morning  Session  of  learning  commences
10:00am - Healthy  snack 
11:00am - Recess
11:27am - Music
11:30am - End  of  Recess  –  next session of learning
  1:30pm - Lunch Eating Bell  (15  minutes eating time in the classroom)
  1:45pm - Lunch Play  commences
  2:27pm - Music  –  End of Lunch Play
  2:30pm - Afternoon session commences
  3:30pm - Dismissal