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Eltham Primary School is cognisant of the popularity and increasing exposure young people have to social media. It is of paramount importance to us that our students stay safe and learn about the key responsibilities and dangers of online communication.

To this end, Eltham Primary School has, as part of its policy to ensure cyber-safety awareness, enrolled every student in an online Cyber-safety site named Skooville.

The site is a government approved website that allows students to communicate with each other, form interest clubs, play games, learn about financial responsibility and learn the rules of sociable and acceptable online behaviour.

The site is moderated at all times and children are advised by moderators if they have transgressed any rules pertain- ing to rudeness and privacy. Teachers will also use the site as a vehicle to teach online safety and discuss online issues.

The site may be accessed at school or home with the student’s unique username and password (given to each child earlier in the year) and parents are encouraged to view the site at www.skooville.com and provide any feedback they think necessary to the school.