Our Curriculum

At Eltham Primary School we provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum underpinned by the Victorian Curriculum. Our teaching teams collaboratively plan units of work that engage students curiosity and allow them to explore areas of personal interest. A strong focus on English and Mathematics is the foundation to developing literate, numerate and curious students.

Metacognitive strategies are explicitly taught to students across the curriculum. Thinking routines foster creative and curious students who actively and collaboratively problem-solve. Our students develop self-reflective attitudes through engaging with specific and immediate feedback.

Students participate in weekly Indonesian, Physical Education and Creative Arts classes, as well as intra and inter school sports competitions. Ethical, personal, social and emotional capabilities are taught through our School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports framework, where expected behaviours are explicitly defined and taught, using our values as a basis: We are Learners, We are Connected, We are Resilient.

We practice an ‘anywhere, anytime’ approach to digital technologies. Students are taught to independently select and utilise a repertoire of devices, apps and programs to enhance their learning.

Our students are strategically exposed to a range of stimulating and challenging experiences as they engage with units of learning. Our Camping program builds independence through activities ranging from a Foundation breakfast, Grade 1 dinner, Grade 2 school sleepover to a week-long Grade 6 offsite camp.

The development of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden will complement our Science and Health curriculum units.