Grade One

Term 1

‘Where do I belong?’ was our Term 1 investigations unit. As part of this unit, the students investigated how families have changed over time, the places in our community where they belong and what it means to belong. We went for a walk around the local area and investigated the different businesses and their role in our community.

Term 2

In Term 2 our science topic was ‘Let’s Look Skyward’. The students enjoyed finding out lots of information about the weather, the seasons and how it affects us. We discussed how weather shapes our landscape and our behaviour. As part of our topic we took part in a ‘Hands on Science’ incursion.

Term 3

‘Living Things’ was our investigations topic in term 3 and as part of the topic we investigated what living things need to live, e.g. air, water, food. We looked at different habitats and discovered how different animals have adapted to different environments. As part of this topic, the Grade 1 students visited Healesville Sanctuary to learn about Australian animals and their habitats.

Term 4

The Grade 1 investigation topic in Term 4 is ‘How does it work?’ As part of this topic, the Grade 1s will be exploring various characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to create designed solutions. We will also be looking at how we use technology. The students will be designing, building and critiquing various models of everyday objects. The students will be involved in designing and creating paper planes, buildings, bridges and boats.