Grade 3 & 4 – Odd Year

Term 1: Who makes the decisions around here?

This unit focuses on government and democracy and how different cultural, religious and social groups have different rules and laws. We discussed what communities the students belong to – family, school, suburb, state and country. We also discussed Aboriginal law.

Term 2: Australia: Who are we?

This unit investigated the contact between Aboriginal and early traders, explorers and settlers. Students actively studied the life of the Indigenous Australians before the arrival of Europeans. We also discussed what it means to be Australian.

Term 3: Living things/The Earth’s environment sustains all life.

Students studied observable features, life cycles and dependence on each other and the environment for survival. This topic also covered how the environment supports the lives of people and living things.

Term 4: My place, my neighbours.

This unit investigated Australia and its neighbouring countries. Students were expected to research information about these countries including similarities and differences in geographical features and demographics compared to Australia.