At Eltham Primary we believe that problem-solving and flexible mathematical thinking are essential to all mathematics. Our approach requires our students to learn through inquiry, providing problem-based tasks that allow our learners to apply the skills they are developing to real-life situations where they explore real contexts and problems. Number fluency is developed by students engaging in maths games and activities where they are required to calculate answers efficiently choosing an appropriate method. Our learning spaces have an array of maths manipulatives available to be used by the students so they can further develop and display their thinking.

We have a strong focus on teaching mathematical vocabulary in context where students will create definitions and represent mathematical language using numbers, pictures and words. We believe that for our students to engage and develop a deeper understanding of the concept they must first understand all the mathematical language involved.
Our teachers plan mathematics lessons looking at a range of student data and assessments to ensure their teaching is targeted and caters to a vast range of abilities and backgrounds.

Student mathematics leaders and captains meet regularly with staff members to discuss all things maths-based within our school. They run maths activities during break times and assist in building a love of mathematics for all students school-wide.