Our History

In July 1855 David and Catherine Clark, a brother and sister, opened a school in Little Eltham. It was a bark hut with an earthen floor that, on its first day, held just eight students. The numbers soon swelled, and in 1863 the school was given its current name and number: Eltham Primary School, number 209. In 1875 a sandstone building was constructed to house the school, which still stands strong today. Our First World War Roll of Honour is another testament to how intertwined Eltham Primary School is with the history of our community.

Over time the school acquired more land for further classrooms and sporting grounds. As the population of Eltham grew, so too did the school. In the past 160 years more than 6000 students have completed their schooling at Eltham Primary School. Our history is our inheritance, and shapes who we are as a school and community.

Our Community

At Eltham Primary School we believe the best student outcomes are achieved when families, teachers and students work together towards common goals. The smaller size of our school creates a community atmosphere and a sense of belonging for students, families and staff. There are many ways to formally and informally be involved with our school and your child’s education. From volunteering in the classroom, working with community groups or serving on School Council, fostering these links are an essential part of connecting our students to their community.

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

Our Educative Purpose, Vision and Values were developed collaboratively between staff, students, parents and School Council. Together we have created a vision of what we will provide for our community, and the attributes and behaviour that will enable us to achieve this vision. A strong partnership between teachers and parents supports the growth of our children’s knowledge and character.