Term 1: Knowing Me

‘Knowing me’ allows students to explore the things that make them special including the events in their past experiences and how they have changed over time. They identify what makes a family and discuss the members and roles within their family. The focus for this unit is: What makes me special and unique? What are my hobbies and favourite things? What have been some significant events in my life? How am I different now from when I was a baby/toddler? What makes a family? Who is in my family?

Term 2: People Live in Places

‘People live in places’ involves students exploring the concept of ‘places’, focussing on places in their immediate environment and then in the local community. The focus for this unit is: What places are like? How and why people are connected to their place and other places? What makes a place special? How can we care for places?

Term 3: A Just Right Fit

‘A just right fit’ involves students exploring the process and stages of designing and making something that we need. Students explore a variety of materials and use this knowledge to design and produce furniture for their buddy bear. The focus for this unit is: What is a need? What is a want? What materials could I use? What are their properties?

Term 4: Engaging in our environment- Living things have basic needs

Living things have a variety of external features and live in different places where their basic needs including food, water and shelter are met. Students will look closely at living and non-living things, the basic needs of plants and animals, caring for pets and explore animal habitats and life cycles. The focus for this unit is: What is living/ non-living? How are animals and their offspring similar/different? What is a life cycle? How do animals and plants change and grow over their life cycle? What are some common habitats and what happens if these habitats change?