Grade 3 & 4 – Even Year

Term 1

Students will understand how and why people make rules and what the difference is between rules and laws. The students will investigate rules that are used at home, at school and within the community.

Term 2

Students will investigate components that make up the culture of Australia. They will look at the contributions made by people of other cultures. They will look at important aspects of Aboriginal culture from the past and present and recognise changes that have occurred over time.

Term 3

Students will observe that the change of state between a solid, liquid and gas can be caused by adding or removing heat. The students will learn that heat can be produced in many ways and be transferred from one object to another. They will also be learning that forces can be exerted from one object to another.

Term 4

Students will understand how the Earth’s rotation on its tilt causes day, night and seasons.  The phases of the moon will be looked at and how they affect the Earth’s tide. An understanding of the surface of the Earth and how it has changed over time will be looked at.