Strategic Plan

Our four-year strategic plan is informed by a thorough school wide review and utilises evidence-based research to inform school improvement. We know improved student outcomes are achieved through having high quality teachers in every classroom. To achieve this we have a rigorous on-site professional learning program for our staff, ensuring alignment of best practice in each classroom.  Expert consultants work with on-site curriculum leaders to engage teachers in professional learning within their own classrooms, achieving aligned and sustained improvement in practice.

Eltham Primary Annual Implementation Plan
Eltham Primary School Review Report
Eltham Primary School Strategic Plan

Annual Report

The purpose of the annual report to the school community is to inform parents and the wider school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year, and to meet legislative and regulatory requirements under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and the National Education Agreement 2008.

Annual Report to the Community 2021
Annual Report to the Community 2022

School Council


Child Safe Standards

Eltham Primary warmly welcomes, respects and embraces all our community members and our rich diversity of beliefs, cultural backgrounds, abilities, gender identities and family structures. We value and appreciate the contributions that all people make to our community and have an ongoing commitment to the continued evolution of our inclusive practices throughout our school. Eltham Primary School has an unwavering commitment to and is fully compliant with the Child Safe Standards.